News - April 11 2019

Our Spring Campaign is Launched!


According to a study published in December 2018 *, psychological distress among adolescents has increased from 21% to 29% in the last 6 years. Left to their own devices, these young people who suffer are in danger of dropping out of school, using drugs or even put their lives at risk. Let’s help them break their isolation and let their loved ones better understand their plight.

Let’s make a difference together 

Did you know that 70% of adolescents who suffer from depression do not tell anyone for fear of being judged? Fortunately, with its Partners for Life program, the Foundation visits them in high schools throughout Quebec. Our facilitators help them demystify depression and direct them to helpful community resources. And it works! Since the launch of the program in 1998, more than 16,000 adolescents have asked for help following a Partners for Life presentation in their school. 
To be able to offer this program free of charge to more than 48,000 young people a year, the Foundation depends on your generosity. Make a donation now and give adolescents a chance to regain good mental health and push forward on their journey! Society as a whole will benefit. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  

Mélanie Boucher 
Executive Director Fondation Jeunes en Tête

* Enquête québécoise sur la santé des jeunes du secondaire, Institut de la statistique du Québec, 2018.


After 20 years of travelling to high schools throughout Quebec, we have educated 1 million adolescents about depression. It’s a generation that is now better equipped to maintain good mental health.

Help us continue this vital work by donating $20 (or more!) to the Foundation. Twenty dollars is the amount that allows us to offer our program free of charge to yet another young person. This year, our goal is to reach 48,500 students.

It is your generosity that will allow us to reach our goal!



If I had been able to inform myself earlier, if I had been encouraged to talk about it earlier, I would surely have avoided days and weeks of suffering in silence.  The presence of the   foundation’s facilitators in high schools is, in my opinion, the first step in raising awareness among youth.  I bear witness to all the adolescents, the adults, and the parents who are suffering today, those who see their loved ones suffering, and those who will possibly suffer in the future, so they will know  how to approach the subject and recognize the warning signs before it’s too late. Thank you to Fondation Jeunes enTête.

Elisabeth, High school student