News - October 03 2019

Launch of the 21st edition of the Partners for Life program!

This year: a new presentation for grades 7 and 8!

Our yearly Partners for Life tour, which will raise awareness of more than 55 000 teenagers, parents and school staff on psychological distress across all regions of Quebec, officially starts on October 7th.

This tour introduces a new segment of the program which is a presentation aimed at young people aged 12 and 13 (grades 7 and 8). Since 50% of mental health problems begin before the age of 14, the Foundation has decided to address even the youngest teenagers who are just entering high school, by providing them different techniques that they can reuse every day to face the challenges that life brings.

This new presentation, created by a committee of experts led by Dr. Benoît MD, psychiatrist at Clinique Expertise NeuroScience, aims to reduce the risks of anxiety and depression, as well as to develop the introspective and social skills of young adults by introducing them to mindfulness meditation, mentalization and brain literacy. The presentation is currently offered in French but will soon be offered to English schools as well!

We kindly thank our generous contributors Un grand pas pour Rebecca, Desjardins and the Graham Boekch Foundation for making this new presentation possible!

Our flagship presentation ‘’Depression is Reversible’’, aimed at young people aged 14 and up, will also be largely represented in Quebec schools, as it has been for over 20 years. Let’s remember the importance of this presentation which has contributed to reduce the suicide rate by more than 71% among teenagers aged 15 to 19 over the last decade.

A great group of facilitators ready to meet teens!

Annie-Claude, Antoine, Cassyopée, Félix, Hiba, Irène, Jasmine, Judith, Marielle, Maxime, Mégane, Nicolas: these are the names of our new team of talented and motivated facilitators who will meet the teenagers, parents and school staff of nearly 300 Quebec high schools.  

Aged 25 years on average, our facilitators all have different professional backgrounds that are ultimately complementary to their role within the Foundation. They also followed intensive 140-hour training to provide youth with high-quality presentations.   

This year, over 55 000 people will be educated about psychological distress and depression, helping demystify mental illness and eliminate taboos. They will also learn how to recognize the symptoms of psychological distress and the steps to take to get help.


  • Psychological distress among high school teenagers has increased since 2010-2011, jumping from 21% to 29%, according to a survey by the Quebec Institute of Statistics in 2018.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) also reminds us that suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15- to 29-year-olds.

The Partners for Life program’s fieldwork, now more than ever, appears to be necessary.

We wish a great year of mental health to all the teenagers in Quebec.